Best of 2017

December 30, 2017 Jordan 14

A lot of people have been coming down on 2017 here lately. I’m not sure if they are feeling that way from a global or […]

Rodeo Red

August 24, 2017 Jordan 18

Rodeo Red By Maripat Perkins Illustrated by Molly Idle Rodeo Red and her dog Rusty are happy as two buttons on a shirt, until Sideswiping […]

Nursing Graduation Cake

May 9, 2017 Jordan 0

And we have a new favorite! Maybe not all time, #1 favorite (that’s probably this Lumberjack Cake), but it’s definitely up there. I love this […]

Black Bean Brownies

May 8, 2017 Jordan 34

Who among you doesn’t like a good brownie? And what if your brownie recipe substituted beans and oatmeal for flour, resulting in a high protein, […]

The Chapel Car Bride

April 27, 2017 Jordan 0

The Chapel Car Bride Judith Miller Bethany House Publishers, 2017 As much persuasion as it took for her father to agree to allow her to […]

Galaxy Mirror Cake

April 25, 2017 Jordan 0

Have you ever heard of a mirror cake? I hadn’t, until someone asked me to make one last week. A mirror cake is covered in […]

For Love & Honor

April 20, 2017 Jordan 0

For Love and Honor Jody Hedlund Zondervan, 2017 Lady Sabine was born with a skin blemish on one arm, which she keeps concealed to prevent […]

Buttermilk Biscuits

April 17, 2017 Jordan 17

Here in the south there are a few menu items that are nonnegotiable, and one of them is a really good buttermilk biscuit. Biscuits are […]

A Moonbow Night

April 13, 2017 Jordan 0

A Moonbow Night Laura Frantz Baker Publishing Group, 2017 The wilds of 1877 Kentucke have claimed many a life, but Temperance Tucker has no fear […]