NaNoWriMo Winner Over Here!

There are probably two camps of people who have been seeing my NaNoWriMo posts every Tuesday for the last five weeks: 1). Those who were anxiously watching my progress to see if I would make it and 2). those who are over it and ready for a new Tuesday topic.

This post is for both groups.

NaNoWriMo 2016 has come to an end and I am delighted to report that I WON! It was very close for a little while and when storms came through and we lost power at our house pretty much all day on the 30th I thought I was done for. But I made a come back and validated my word count at around 11:30 that night.


And that’s a screenshot of the fancy certificate you can download once you verify your word count.

I ended up with 50,028 words and a story that I am really excited about. I still have more (maybe 25k-30k words?) to write in order to have a completed novel-length first draft, but knocking out that first two-thirds so quickly felt great and I really want to try to keep up the habit of writing a little every day so I can finish the rest of this book up a lot faster than it took me to complete my first novel’s first draft (3 years!).

I might do an update here and there as I reach milestones for this story, but by and large, this topic is done for now. Thanks for following my journey to 50k! Maybe we’ll do it again next year…

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