The Magical Snow Garden

The Magical Snow Garden
By Tracey Corderoy
Illustrated by Jane Chapman
Tiger Tales, 2014

A penguin named Wellington really wants to plant a garden, but gardens don’t grow in the snow. So Wellington decides to make a garden instead. With the help of his best friend Rosemary, he gathers all kinds of colorful objects to fold and glue and glitter to form his garden. The results are beautiful, but they don’t last. A strong wind blows his snow garden away. Just when Wellington feels like giving up, his friends all pitch in to help him make a new garden that is even better than before.

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A cute story about friends helping each other and about never giving up, even when something seems hard, or even impossible. Another cool library find! Good for boys or girls, ages 2 and up.

What I really love about this book is the illustrations. They are absolutely beautiful. I love the swirly, colorful, whimsical look. Some of the pages almost look like art you would hang on your wall. So pretty!

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