What I’m Loving Lately – February 11, 2017

I had so much fun making a list of things I was loving two weeks ago that I decided to do another one. And I think I’ll probably keep doing them every few weeks or so, because I am finding that keeping a running list of things to share helps me be more positive and grateful. I would love for my readers to give this a try too, and share your Loving Lately picks in the comments so others can try them out too!

1. New dish towels and wash cloths

This is proof that it really is the little things, folks. Spent $10 and it’s like I have a whole new kitchen. My old ones were seriously in bad shape and they were pretty plain to begin with, so I am enjoying the luxurious softness and the bright pop of color these new ones provide.

2. Homemade Sandwich Bread

Who doesn’t love fresh-from-the-oven bread? This is my favorite recipe for sandwich bread. The crust is kind of chewy and buttery and its great for sandwiches and toast. I suspect it would work alright for French toast also, but I haven’t tried it yet because I am the only person in my house who likes French toast. Absurd and bizarre, I know, but try not to dwell on it.

Check out that dish towel, will ya.

3. New pens for my bullet journal

A few months ago I decided to take up bullet journaling (because lists are my favorite thing ever) and I have just been using pens from around the house so far. I’m typically a pretty frugal person, so I didn’t want to spend anything on it until I was sure I would enjoy it and keep up with it. But I have and I am, so on the same trip as the dish towels I shelled out a whopping $5 for some pretty colored gel pens and I have used them for all kinds of things in addition to the journal, so I say that is money well spent.

4. Homemade Pop Tarts

Try them and love them for yourself. They are much easier to make than I would have guessed and they are sooo much better than store bought. We made blackberry this time, but I have a vision that includes Nutella next time. See the recipe here.

5. Homemade Yogurt

We buy a ton of yogurt ( so much that a check out guy commented on it one time), so it wasn’t hard to convince me to try this recipe for homemade yogurt. It was easy and yummy and I estimate it will save me about $20 a month in groceries. I’m not even kidding.

6. My 4 year old doing chores

She is finally big and reliable enough to do some truly helpful chores, like putting away silverware, clearing the table, and switching laundry around. I do have to keep an eye on her because she has the attention span of a 4 year old, so she gets distracted easily. But it gives me hope that one day soon she will be able to sweep, and I will let her do all of it because I hate sweeping.

So, what are you loving lately?


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