7 Historical Fiction Trilogies

Fact: My favorite (favorite, favorite, favorite!) genre to read is historical fiction. I especially like early American history (think pioneers, wagon trains, cowboys), but I also really enjoy a lot of other time periods and places. And though you won’t see any on this list, I’m almost equally enthusiastic about children’s/youth historical fiction. I’m planning to delve a little deeper into that topic in the future, but for today we will stick with adult books.

Something about a trilogy lends itself to a feeling of completion. I suspect it’s because whether or not we realize it, we like the beginning, middle, and end feeling that a set of three gives us. Or perhaps three is just the mystical, magical number that gives us just enough continuation of a story and characters we are familiar with and attached to without wearing it out. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of trilogies out there and I am sharing some of my favorites with you today. All of these trilogies are full of romance and adventure while at the same time being faith-based and clean.

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Husbands for Hire, by Kelly Eileen Hake

In 1886, three enterprising young women advertise for strong, healthy husbands to help them build and operate a saw mill in the town of Hope Falls, Colorado. What could go wrong? It is so fun to watch the ladies try to make the best of their ill-advised scheme and hopefully find love in the process.


These Highland Hills, by Kathleen Morgan 

This series takes place in 16th century Scotland and follows three different couples as they grow to love each other under adverse circumstances. There is constant tension between the rival clans and the politics of the time and place are fascinating. I love the loyalty and courage that the characters display as they fight for their families and homes.

Texas Boardinghouse Brides, by Vickie McDonough

When Luke returns to his hometown of Lookout, Texas his cousins decide what he needs is a wife, so they take it upon themselves to find him one. Soon the town is flooded with mail-order brides in response to an advertisement that Luke was completely unaware of. Who will he choose and what will become of the other women?

Fountain Creek Chronicles, by Tamera Alexander

Set in the tough western world of Colorado in the late 1860’s and early 1870’s, this series is all about forgiveness and redemption, from a marriage in trouble, to a former prostitute who wants to leave that life behind, to a young woman seeking healing from a painful betrayal.

Montana Marriages, by Mary Connealy

Only the strong survive in 1870’s Montana, and Cassie, Belle, and Abby are nothing if not tough. The thing is, Cassie doesn’t know she’s tough yet, and Belle and Abby are so tough and fiercely independent that it almost costs them the men they come to love. The thing I love about Mary Connealy’s books is her penchant for a delightful combination of comedy and danger.

Acts of Faith, by Davis Bunn & Janette Oke

This series tells the fictional stories of believers in Judaea shortly after the ascension of Christ. They are absolutely beautiful stories filled with joy, love, and heartbreak in the experiences of these early Christians.

Prairie Dreams, by Susan Page Davis

What do Lady Anne, her lady’s maid Elise, and outlaw Millie all have in common? They all find love and purpose on the Oregon Trail as Lady Anne searches for her long lost uncle to restore the Stone family legacy.

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