Books in Progress: What I’m Reading Right Now – February 2017

I’ve got four books going right now. One is nonfiction, and the other three are all fiction, but couldn’t be more different from each other aside from that. Click the titles to read more in-depth descriptions of plots, etc.

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Holes, by Louis Sachar

I don’t know how I somehow skipped over this middle grade classic in my youth, but I am reading it now and really enjoying it. I find myself favoring it over the other two ‘grown-up’ books I’m also reading, even though I have already seen the movie and therefore generally know where it is headed already. Also, the chapters are super short, so it’s easy to read a little and then come back later, like portion control for books.

Good As Gone, by Amy Gentry

This one was on hold for months through my local library’s ebook service before my number finally came up. I’m only about two chapters in and I am sort of waiting to see how she is going to make a whole book out of this story of a girl who is kidnapped at age 13 and then returns home 8 years later. There are some indications that she might be lying about where she has been all that time so I guess maybe there will be a shocking twist soon that will hook me in a little better, but right now it feels like the story is almost over.

Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman

This is my bookclub’s pick for February. My bookclub only consists of me and my best friend, but that’s a another topic for another time. It is sitting on my nightstand and I haven’t cracked it open yet but it has to be finished in the next two weeks so I am counting it as a current read.

The Fruit of the Spirit: Cultivating Christlike Character, by Stuart Briscoe

Been working on this one for a while now (like 2 months). I enjoy the subject material, but the study questions are really simple and I was kind of hoping for a more in-depth study. Nevertheless, I will finish it soon and move on to greener Spirit Fruit pastures.

That’s what I’m reading right now, and I am adding this post to the linkup on Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Quick Lit page so head over there to get more recommendations from other bloggers.

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