What I’m Loving Lately – February 25, 2017

This edition of What I’m Loving Lately is going to be short and sweet. When I asked myself what I had really been enjoying lately their were only a couple things that stuck out to me.


I think I’ve mentioned before that I like listening to podcasts but I have increased and optimized my listening lately and I’m loving it. My prime times for listening are while I’m working out and while I’m cooking or doing housework. I’ll post more in depth information about why I love it and what exactly I’m listening to on Tuesday the 28th.

New Workout Clothes

This is a classic case of dress for success. When I am wearing clothes that fit well in colors and styles I like, I feel more motivated to run faster and longer. Silly? Maybe, but I don’t care. My running clothes (especially the shorts) were really and truly on their last leg anyway, so now I’m running like a cheetah in cute shorts with no holes!

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The Weather

The last couple of days have been fantastically beautiful at sunny and 75. We played outside for like 3 hours yesterday and the day before that we went on the first family hike of the year. My 4 year old walked the whole 2.5 miles all by herself and the 2 year old made it about half that far before she was done. I think it will only be a few more years before we can all go on some real hikes together!

Our Local Library

This one isn’t really new. I’ve always loved the library, but over the last few months I’ve experienced a renewed appreciation for it. We have been going every 2-3 weeks and loading up on great reads and it’s fun to watch my girls learn to love books and reading the way I do.

That’s the highlights of my life right now. What are you loving lately?

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