Worth the Wait

Worth the Wait
Karen Witemeyer
Baker Publishing Group, 2017

With a past that makes her wary of men, Victoria Adams loves the women only town she resides in – women only, except for the husband of the town’s founder and Ben Porter, the freighter who brings the merchandise for Tori’s general store. But a need to grow her business and face her fears of the outside world sends Tori on a trip to trade and establish relationships with homesteaders in their area. Ben suggested the trip to help Tori, but also with the ulterior motive of establishing a relationship of his own. He has admired Tori and her cared for her son Lewis for quite some time, and he is ready to take things beyond a business acquaintanceship, if only he can convince Tori to believe the he is different from whoever damaged her ability to trust in the past.

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This is a novella, not a full length novel, so it is easily short enough to knock out in a single sitting, which is what I would have done if life hadn’t kept interrupting. This is a follow-up story to No Other Will Do (which I also enjoyed), and follows another of the women from Harper’s Station in her quest to find strength and healing. Finding love and a father for her son are icing on the cake for Tori. She really just wants to be safe, and the easiest way to ensure that is to keep Ben (and any other man she might come across) at arms length. But he patiently pursues her, and she begins to believe that it might be possible for her to be with a man without being overcome with anxiety. It doesn’t hurt that he is strong an protective and great with her son.

The entire story takes place in the course of one day and is an easy, enjoyable read. There are secrets, romance, fun dialogue, and dangerous accidents, all in one compact little book. Two thumbs up from me, and I can’t wait to read more about the ladies of Harper Station in the future.

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