Galaxy Mirror Cake

Have you ever heard of a mirror cake? I hadn’t, until someone asked me to make one last week. A mirror cake is covered in a super shiny coating that is ultra reflective – like a mirror. A quick Pinterest search led me to a nifty tutorial and it really wasn’t as complicated as I thought it would be. The end product was super shiny, though not as smooth as I would have liked. In the future I would put an extra generous coating of buttercream underneath and make sure it is ultra smooth before I coat it.

I really want to try mirroring again, maybe with bright, psychedelic tie-dye colors or in a rainbow? I even wonder what a wedding cake covered in white or cream colored mirror glaze would look like. Maybe someone I know will get married soon and I can find out! In the meantime, enjoy looking at this awesome galaxy cake…

The tutorial I was telling you about, in case you want to make your own mirror cake. The girl in the video cracked me up, by the way. I totally subscribed to her YouTube channel after I watched this video.

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