Books in Progress: What I’m Reading Right Now – May 2017

Three or four books at a time seems to be my sweet spot – right this second it’s four. As always, a mix of fiction and nonfiction, physical copy and ebook. My reading time has been significantly reduced in the last few weeks because I’ve spent so much time getting the new and improved Read. Eat. Repeat. site up and running (So exciting! Please click around and check it out!). But I’m almost done with the bulk of that so I’m really hoping to be able to get back into my reading routine again soon! Otherwise I might still be reading these same four books when I do this again in June…

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Physical Books:

The Book Thief

Markus Zusak

I know everyone in the whole world has read it except me, but I’m trying to remedy that. I’m only a few chapters in and I’m feeling a little disoriented, but also intrigued. I have high hopes for it since it’s a favorite of so, so many people.

Living Beyond Yourself
Beth Moore

Yes, still. I like it, but I don’t like to read it unless I have time and silence to appropriately reflect on the questions. Since there are a million things that vie for my limited quiet time it often gets pushed aside in favor of something more urgent, so it’s taking forever. Right now I’m hoping to finish by the end of summer.


The Most Misused Stories in the Bible: Surprising Ways Popular Bible Stories Are Misunderstood
Eric J. Bargerhuff

This book marks my first foray into the world of NetGalley. It just came out April 18th and I will be doing a full review of it later this week, so for now I will just say that I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Tune back in Thursday to get more details.

Business Boutique: A Woman’s Guide for Making Money Doing What She Loves
Christy Wright

I am currently working my way through the Business Boutique podcast in conjunction with reading the book and they are both chock full of great, practical advice! I will probably be reviewing this one some time in the near future too, because I think Christy’s message is so encouraging and something that women need to hear. There’s so much stuff in there that I think I’ll probably have to read it more than once to really unpack and absorb it all. And I would love to go to one of the live events one day!

Do any of these appeal to you? What are you reading right now?


  1. The Book Thief has been on my Goodreads TBR for ages now; I Just haven’t gotten around to it. However, I am currently rereading An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield which is my favourite nonfiction book.

    – Melissa

  2. I’m an English teacher so this post appealed to me right away! I actually bought the movie “The Book Thief” along with the book 🙂

    • My sister-in-law gave me this book for my birthday after she read it and she said the movie was great so I’ll have to check it out after I finish!

  3. I love the book thief, I was actually forced to read it in high school and I thought for sure I wouldn’t like it. But as it turns out, it’s really good! The rest of the book looks really good & I’ll definitely have to check them out. Happy reading!

  4. I haven’t read the book Thief. I want to. I just finished A Man Called Ove and All the Light we can not see. Both amazing reads if you haven’t read them yet. Food and books! The best things ever!!!

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