Summer Reading Lists 2017

It’s summer you guys! Summer for me means lots of playing in water, warm weather treats like popsicles and s’mores, picking berries, and a summer reading list for the late summer afternoons that are so hot that all you want to do is be still and cool(er).

I didn’t get around to composing my own summer reading list for you guys (next year though!) but I have gathered together three great lists from other influential readers for you to peruse. A few of the titles on these lists are getting a lot of buzz, many I hadn’t heard of, and a handful I’ve already read for myself. My own reading list grew by leaps and bounds after seeing these!

You might already know about this one. She’s kind of a big deal and her Summer Reading List is much anticipated by many, myself included. The list is broken down into six categories so you can more easily find titles that fit your reading needs.

This blog has been around for a long time but didn’t make it onto my radar until a few months ago, which is a shame because it’s super cool. This list is broken down into categories much like that last one, but the categories are a little different and there’s no title overlap between the two.

This list is a little different because of the format. The Simple Show is a podcast and in episode 76 (which aired on 5/17) Tsh and her cohost Haley discuss the five books they would each recommend for summer reading. I really enjoyed the conversational format of this list, and all the books they discuss are in the show notes in case you miss something or don’t have time to listen to it.

All three of the other lists are composed primarily of contemporary works, so if classics are more your thing here is my list from a few weeks back of classics you can download completely free from Amazon for your Kindle.

There you go! Hopefully these awesome lists will help you choose your summer reads. Do you already have a list in progress? Drop me a comment, I love to hear what people are reading or planning to read!


    • I’m actually not on Goodreads, so I just keep a note in my phone or add them to my library account wish list. I think I have like 500 books total on the lists right now!

    • Oh gosh, which one…I think I liked the Everyday Reading list just slightly more than the others. As for a specific book from the list? I really want to read Edinbrooke from her chic lit category because historical fiction is my favorite genre. The only book from her lists that I’ve already read is Dark Matter and it was fantastic. I had no idea what to expect next for the duration of the book.

  1. Oh my goodness, a reader’s dream! I actually thought you were giving us a book list, which would be great. But this is amazing! Now I have even more to add to my ever growing list!

    • I’m really hoping to be able to put my own list together next summer, but I hope you find a few winners on these lists in the meantime! Thanks for reading!

  2. I love reading, so I’m definitely going to check out these lists! Hopefully I can fir it a couple books over the summer while the baby naps! Thanks for sharing!

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