What I’m Loving Lately – July 2017

Hey guys, what’s up? It’s been H-O-T hot here in Tennessee the last few weeks. I’m stuck in the middle between making the most of summer while it lasts and pining for the cool breezes and warm colors of fall. Needless to say, several of the things on my list of what I’ve been loving lately are related to summer and beating the heat.

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Things related to summer:

Folgers: Classic Roast Instant Coffee Crystal Packets– Counterintuitive choice at first glance because coffee is traditionally served hot, but these individual packets make it super easy to whip up an iced coffee drink in a hurry (recipe for that coming Monday!). Coffee snobs might complain about the flavor of instant coffee crystals, but I don’t know how you could possibly tell the difference between instant and brewed after you blend it up with ice and sweet stuff. Bonus? A pack of seven is only $1!

Unsweetened Almond Milk – A key ingredient in my iced coffee and also for other cool treats like smoothies. I don’t know why I was resistant to almond milk for so many years, but I’m over whatever made-up objections I apparently entertained. Me and the almonds are friends now.

15 Best S’mores Recipes – I say summer’s not summer without s’mores and apparently a lot of people agree with me on that because this post did really well last week. The thing about it is that after I published it I kept running across more and more recipes that made me slap my forehead and say, “I wish I had included that one, too!”. So I’m listing three bonus s’more recipes for you right here:

  • S’mores Cookies (I’ve actually made these before and they were fantastic, so it defies all reasonable explanation as to why I would have forgotten to include them).

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Things not related to summer:

My husband ā¤ļø – he works really hard, our daughters are completely enamored with him, and he is very supportive of my blogging habit. And our 8th anniversary is coming up next month, so he’s been on my mind extra here lately as I try to plan a fun date night for us!

Yoast – I’ve been meaning to get this SEO plugin for months and I finally did it. I’m still getting used to it and haven’t had it long enough to confirm any real results, but it’s making me more mindful of SEO and that can only be a good thing.

Pioneer Woman Napkins – Ā I picked up two packs of these on sale a couple weeks ago and I adore them. I like most of her stuff because it’s so bright and cheerful. They make me want to host a dinner party so I can use all eight of them at the same time.

That’s what I’m loving lately – and I would love to know what you are loving as well, so that I can check it out and love it too!



  1. I can totally get behind this post because its pretty much everything I’ve been loving too! Who does’ love coffee and s’mores. With the current campfire ban in place I definitely need to get behind some more creative ways to love on s’mores and drink my coffee.

  2. What a fun way to highlight things that are going on in your life. I am on board EVERYTHING smores so pinning this to try all of them later šŸ˜šŸ‘ Also, I started using Yoast awhile back & it has really helped with the structure of my posts. Thanks for the read!

  3. I need to get on making iced coffees!! I’m loving all those s’more recipes too!! And yoast! I just got it to. Trying to figure out what the errors all mean …

  4. Almond milk is a new found love for me!! I need to try those recipes out too, they look amazing! I could use those energy balls to keep me going throughout the day!

  5. Great mix of things in this post! I’m intrigued by the Instant Coffee Crystal Packets. They seem like they would be great to have at work. I love S’mores- these recipes look yummy! I use the Yoast SEO plugin and it has really helped me realize things I was doing or not doing with my writing. Blogging is always a work in progress it seems but things like that help!

    • Yoast has definitely changed the way I structure my posts a little bit, hoping it helps with SEO/growth. I think the instant coffee packets would probably be great to keep at work, although it can be a little gritty if you just dump it in hot water, at least that has been my experience.

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