Deadly Proof

Deadly Proof
Rachel Dylan
Bethany House Publishers, 2017

For attorney Kate Sullivan winning is everything – not for the big payout but because justice for her clients is her top priority. After landing the lead counsel roll in a huge trial against Mason Pharmaceuticals, Kate has the opportunity to make a huge difference for the families affected by a drug with deadly side effects. Things get even more interesting when Kate is contacted by an apprehensive whistleblower, who tragically dies very soon after meeting with her.

Former Army Ranger Landon James now works as a private investigator. Hired by Kate to investigate this mysterious informant and substantiate her claims, Landon quickly comes to believe that her sudden death was not an accident. As suspicious incidents begin to escalate to full on threats to Kate’s safety and new information comes to light, things get more and more complicated on both the litigation and security ends. Landon does his best to keep Kate safe while she battles for justice, a task that’s especially important to him as he begins develop deeper feelings for his client.

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Deadly Proof was a little outside my normal choice range for fiction, which is precisely why I picked it. Sometimes I fall into a reading rut, so to keep myself sharp I decided on this legal thriller. I think I made a good choice! It kept me up a couple nights trying to figure out who was behind the Big Pharma conspiracy. I have to admit I was a little bit surprised at some of the key players toward the end.

This book has a bit of romance in it, but I liked that Landon and Kate didn’t fall head over heels in love at first sight. It happened gradually as they got to know each other and kind of took a backseat to the lawsuit and issues surrounding that. It was nice to see a modern couple coming together in a realistic way and having other focuses besides each other. Both of them come into the relationship with issues that they need to work on. Landon’s revolve around his time spent in deployment and Kate’s originate from the death of her parents during her teens. They are able to help each other overcome some of that darkness through shared faith and unmitigated support.

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I also want to compliment the author on the accessibility of her writing. I am by no means a legal scholar, but she wrote in a way that made most of the legal jargon and procedures understandable. It would have been much less enjoyable if following along had been more difficult.

Deadly Proof is the first in a series, and I will definitely be looking for the next installments in the future.

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