What I’m Loving Lately – September 2017

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Every month I like to do a post that’s a bit of a departure from my typical food/book posts and share some of the things that I’m loving at the moment. This is me squeezing in September’s Loving Lately post at the very last possible second because apparently that’s how I roll this week.

True story: Yesterday my daughter had a doctors appointment at 1:30pm. My husband calls at 1:12 to tell me something and is astounded to find that we were still at home eating lunch. I want you all to know that we finished our lunch, loaded up, and pulled into the doctor’s office parking lot at 1:29pm. And all three of us had clean faces and were wearing a full set of clothes, shoes included. Sometimes I overestimate how much I can get down in a small amount of time, but yesterday I surpassed even my own expectations. It was a victory on behalf of moms everywhere.

All that to say that sometimes I live my life on schedule, but sometimes I wait until September 30th to post about what I’m loving this month. Better late than never though, right? I think that’s right…

Cream Eye Shadow

All y’all have probably been using this stuff for years, but I just discovered it and I’m in love. I’ve been using this Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal (#70 Barely Branded) and I don’t know if it would really last 24 hours like it says on the label, but it definitely makes it through 12-14 hours without breaking a sweat. I want to get a few more shades to try, but I’m loving the Barely Branded. It’s a nude tone for me so it’s subtle but also kind of shiny so it makes you look a little put together in that effortless kind of way we all love.

Nude Heels

Again with the nude tones and thing that everybody is else is probably already doing. I bought these heels for a special occasion and I adore them. They make me feel like I’m awesome. I really should buy heels more often since this is the first time I’ve bought a pair since I’ve been married. That’s 8 years, in case you were curious. I tend more towards cute but practical in my footwear choices but it’s nice to pop out of the rut now and then.

Now or Never, by Josh Groban

When I was in high school I was a raving lunatic of a Josh Groban fan. I still like him, but now I’m a normal person about musicians. After listening to his album Awake for the first time in forever last week, one song has been playing in a constant loop in my head since then. I remember listening to Now or Never but I guess I never payed attention to the lyrics because I surely would have noticed how beautiful (if sad) they are. One part in particular sticks out to me:

Sweeping eggshells still at 3:00 am
We’re trying far too hard.
The tattered thought balloons above our heads
Sinking in the weight of all we need to say.

You have to listen to it, its so lovely when you pair the words with the melody. And you might as well listen to the rest of the album too, because it’s a real winner.

13 Ways to Reduce Sugar Intake and Save Room for Dessert!

I love this post by fellow food blogger Sarah of My Frosted Life. It very accurately describes the way I feel about sugar’s place in a healthy, balanced diet. But Sarah is a registered dietitian so her opinion holds more weight than mine 🙂

What are YOU loving right now? I love to hear the little things that are making life better for my internet friends!


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