Pesto Chicken

September 25, 2017 Jordan 26

You like easy, right? Me too, and that’s why I’m here for you today with a fantastic three ingredient meal to make your Monday a little […]

To Wager Her Heart

September 7, 2017 Jordan 23

To Wager Her Heart Tamera Alexander Zondervan, 2017 Alexandra Jamison has a choice – marry the much older man her father has ordained for her […]

Sunshine Blogger Award

August 25, 2017 Jordan 12

Yesterday I was honored to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award, awarded by bloggers to other bloggers who spread encouragement, inspiration, and creativity, by […]

Rodeo Red

August 24, 2017 Jordan 10

Rodeo Red By Maripat Perkins Illustrated by Molly Idle Rodeo Red and her dog Rusty are happy as two buttons on a shirt, until Sideswiping […]