Discovering God: 365 Daily Devotions

Discovering God: 365 Daily Devotions
By Dr. David Jeremiah
Tyndale House Publishers, 2015

This book is exactly what the title sounds like, one devotion for every day in a year. Each devotion takes up only one page and begins with a focal verse at the top. At the bottom of each page is an inspirational religious quote from famous pastors, theologians, and historical figures, ranging from Martin Luther to Winston Churchill to Max Lucado, and many, many more. Even with time for reflection, these devotions don’t take more than a few minutes each and they are full of encouragement. The cover is simple and attractive, made from faux leather that gives it a feeling of quality.

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As someone who struggles with consistent Bible study, this was exactly what I needed to keep me on track this past year. The way I used Discovering God in 2016 was to read the daily devotion, then follow it up with the entire chapter surrounding the key verse. I find it’s helpful to read the whole chapter rather than just one verse because it’s easy to lose context when you focus on a limited piece of text. This routine generally took me around ten minutes per day, and it was a great way to start my mornings.

Having a plan or regimen laid out ahead of time makes it so much easier for me to stick with something. Having that plan in place takes the decision making effort out of the picture and makes Bible study a habit, setting me up for success. Last year I followed the ‘The One Year Bible’ plan in the Life Church Bible app on my phone and was able to complete it for that same reason. I know if it’s up to me to decide what passages to read each day I’ll end up reading the same favorite passages over and over, or worse, not do it at all. I like having a predetermined schedule to follow to stretch me and challenge me to read passages I don’t necessarily feel like reading, because I know that the entire Bible is important, not just Genesis, Psalms, Proverbs, and the Gospels. I appreciate that someone took the time to lay out a thoughtful, easy to follow reading plan that spans an entire year.

This book was a perfect fit for me and I would recommend it for anyone who wants a little extra infusion of God’s Word into their day.

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