Ballerinas Are Beautiful

Ballerinas Are Beautiful
By Kath Smith, illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church

Paragon, Incorporated, 2005

This is a fun, sweet book for little girls. Divided into three separate but related stories, we watch ballerina friends Dizzy Izzy, Shy Di, and Showy Zoe learn to work together and help each other dance their best. The friends must help Izzy learn her left from right, give Di the confidence to dance a solo part, and teach Zoe that there is room for everyone on stage.

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With pretty, pastel illustrations, everything about this book is dainty and feminine. The rhymes are cute and flow smoothly through the stories.

This is a large board book, so it’s sturdy enough to withstand a younger reader and the thick pages make it easier for little hands to turn. I would put the target age for this book at 2 years and up, though younger children will still enjoy it even if they don’t understand the message.

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