10 Stocking Stuffers for the Home Chef or Baker

Christmas is right around the corner! Although I have a strict policy that no decorating or celebrating can actually begin until after Thanksgiving, I am also a big believer in planning ahead. That means that I have already started my Christmas shopping, as I suspect many of you have as well. One of my favorite things to shop for is stocking stuffers! The thing about it though, is that grown-up stocking stuffers are hard to find, at least for me. The last thing I want is for the recipient of said stocking to think “Oh goodie, a huge sock full of junk I’ll never use.”

With that in mind, I have created this compilation of stocking stuffer ideas for people who (like me) enjoy being in the kitchen.

I’ve been thinking about this list and jotting down ideas for a few months now, and I want to be up front that I haven’t personally tried all these items. As I filled it out I simply asked myself the question “What kitchen/cooking related items would you be happy to pull out of a stocking?” And just like that this list was born.

In the event that you have the stocking stuffers situation well in hand and just need help with ideas for a more substantial gift for the cook or baker you love, then take a look at my Top 5 Favorite Countertop Appliances. Unlike the stuffers, all the items on that list have been personally tested and adored in my own kitchen, so I can confidently vouch for them.

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10 Stocking Stuffers for the Home Chef or Baker

Novelty measuring spoons. Measuring spoons are a kitchen staple, so how cool would it be to have them in fun shapes and colors? I like these floral ceramic spoons, these gorgeous beechwood spoons, and these cute heart spoons. If you want something more masculine, take a look at these stainless steel ergonomic spoons. Got kids who like to help in the kitchen? This cute fish measuring cups and spoons set is out of this world adorable.

A cookie scoop. I’ll tell you the truth, I’m reeeeeally hoping to find this one in my stocking this year. Supposedly a cookie scoop is the key to quickly and easily making uniform drop cookies, and I like anything that makes things quicker and easier. They come in a few different sizes, but I think I’ll probably ask for the medium sized one.

Cute potholders or oven mitts. I got these purple ones in my stocking last year (they come in tons of other colors too) and I love them! I also like these silicone multipurpose pads and this patterned pot holder/oven mitt set.

Silicone basting brush. I have one of these and it’s fantastic. It’s dishwasher safe so it’s easy to clean, and I like it better than the traditional basting brush because it doesn’t shed bristles. This is the one I have.

Silicone cupcake liners. These are great for cupcakes, muffins, and all kinds of other miscellaneous uses in the freezer and in lunch boxes. You can get them in all kinds of different shapes, like circles, squares, or rectangles.

Fun disposable liners. Disposable liners are perfect if you are taking your culinary creations outside the home. If you don’t mind running around your cousin’s birthday party or the church potluck collecting everyone’s dirty reusable liners then you can skip this one, but if that doesn’t sound appealing check out the cute colors and patterns on these pink, red, and gold ones, these cute polka dotted ones, and these colorful chevron ones.

Specialty spices, sauces, flavors, or seasonings. Find something unusual for your chef to try, like Espresso Chile ‘Cowboy Crust’ BBQ Rub, this Pink Peppercorn Lemon Thyme All-Purpose Rub, or this ‘Greek Freak’ Mediterranean Spice Blend from Spiceologist. Don’t those flavors sound incredible?! And you never know what kind of inspiration Bubble Gum Flavoring or Natural Bacon Flavor will bring to your favorite baker.

Rubber spatulas. It has been my experience that one can never have too many rubber spatulas. This set has several different sizes and comes in three fun colors.

Napkins or napkin rings. If your chef likes to set a nice table they would likely appreciate a beautiful set of napkins or napkin rings. I love these cheery bright red napkins, and these pretty floral ones. If I was choosing napkin rings it would be a tie between these gorgeous wooden ones or these elegant silver ones.

Coupon for dishwashing. On a budget? Hand write or print one or two dishwashing pledges for pennies. I can guarantee it will be a hit. Here’s a sample of what one might look like:

sample dishwashing coupon

Want me to send you a printable version of this coupon? Shoot me an email at jordan@readeatrepeat.net and I’ll send it your way!

What did I miss? Give me your stocking stuffer ideas for people who love to cook and bake!


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